In 2012, my Positive Psychology studies led me to watch this TED talk. It changed my life.

It had always been a pipe dream of mine to sing in front of people. To play music. I sang and played instruments at school, but then did nothing for eight years. I didn’t think I was good enough, and the fact was, I wasn’t very good… because I never practiced.

“There was a local open mic night down the road from me, and I would go and listen, and leave unmotivated, thinking that everyone else was better than me.”

Then I watched this talk on Growth Mindset. The next night, heading to the open mic night, I felt different. I knew everyone was better than me, but this time I knew it wasn’t because they were innately more creative or musical than me. It was because they had put in a lot of more effort than me, they had practiced. I went home that night and for the first time in years, had the desire to practice. So I did. I taught myself guitar (badly!) and shortly after, at the age of 28, I played my first open mic night, terrified. 

All my mindfulness training supported me in that moment. I focused on my breath, and somehow made it through. A year later the same venue invited me to play a paid gig and I felt so proud, I would have paid them to play! At the age of 30, my capacity to be present and non-judgemental of myself enabled me to be able to write my first song. For me, writing music doesn’t come effortlessly, it requires a conscious letting go, a falling away. As soon as the thinking and planning comes in, it’s all over. Hearing a melody unfold in my mind took years of untraining. And still does.

I’ve never been one to do things by halves, so when I realised that I knew nothing about setting up my own live sound for my next gig or recording a song, I signed up to study Music Production full time at Abbey Road Institute (in between running mindfulness workshops and courses!).

The day I was accepted into the music production course, it felt like a family of elves were shooting magical rainbows out of my chest. I know this feeling as ECSTATIC JOY. I realised I was onto SOMETHING

Turns out I love music producing just as much as playing music. It might surprise you to learn that in the music industry only two percent of producers and label owners are female. I wanted to change that, so I created Wye in the Sky Records, a for-purpose independent label, committed to redefining the music industry and supporting important causes along the way.

Wye in the Sky’s first collaboration, The Tambah Project is using the power of music to rewild the earth. You can check out our short film or learn more about our purpose here.  

By living the principles of Mindfulness and Positive Psychology over the past decade, I have connected to the things that bring me joy and have had the courage to embrace fear and follow them. It’s been terrifying at times, and I’ve gotten really good at being ok with being incredibly bad at things before I get better, but there’s no doubt that I feel alive. 

Look forward to sharing my creations with you.

As an indie-folk-electronic producer and singer-songwriter, I create music because it makes me feel alive. Late to the game, I have been making up for lost time by immersing myself in the world of song-writing and music production. 7 years ago I couldn’t play guitar, 6 years ago I had never performed to a crowd, 4 years ago I had never written a song, 3 years ago I knew nothing about music production, 2 years ago I knew nothing about the music business. 

I’ve come to realise you can pretty much learn anything if you are willing to put in the time and practice. For me, that is one of the most exciting realisations there is.   

My debut single White Noise is out now. You can watch the video clip above, listen to it here or follow my music page on Instagram @emtones.


I started Wye in the Sky because I care about mindfulness, mental health and clean living, and when I listen to most popular Australian radio, it doesn’t represent me. Secondly, only two percent of the makers and shakers in the music industry (producers and label owners) are female. I wanted to address this imbalance by bringing a different set of skills to the industry.   

I’m a big believer in the idea that if something doesn’t exist, create it. Wye in the Sky exists to support musicians to care about their health, the health of our planet and to care about each other.

If you want to be part of a conscious band of humans who believe that music can be a force for good, then head over to Wye in the Sky records, show some support on Facebook or Instagram, and join the community. At Wye in the Sky we believe music has the power to change the world.

/ tambah / from the musical term ‘timbre’ – meaning ‘the characteristic or quality of a sound’ /

The Tambah Project began as one of those casual lofty conversations on the beach between two friends, Ed Foster of indie label, LUSTRE and I. The big idea was to use the power of music to connect, move and inspire positive change whilst rewilding the planet.

The Tambah Project creates community-driven songs that you stream for a greener planet, with all royalties going to Wild Ark: a non-profit working to conserve and rewild the earth.

Visit the Tambah Project website here. 

Very excited to announce my first official music release ‘white noise’ is out now.

Thanks for all the lovc!