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Hello dear friend Imagine for a moment That you are the universe The world cannot heal until you heal The world cannot connect until you stop to connect The world cannot know joy until you know joy The world cannot be safe until you feel safe inside yourself Now imagine that everyone in the world Received this message In the same way And then swiftly Set about Doing the work.

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Kind words

Gentleness; generosity of spirit; insight; intuition; qualifications.

– Brad

I was already into mindfulness but Emily’s guided meditation opened myself up to a deeper realisation of what meditation and mindfulness are really about. It helped me to acknowledge my surrounds, my feelings and every thought that comes into my mind. It is not about fighting them but rather letting them be… letting go of the tensions in my body, the fear, the worries, the cluttered mind, and being kind to myself, being intune with myself, my environment and the world. Highly recommend.

– Grace

We are living in a world full of everything contrary to what yoga and meditation teach. It is not easy to do it from reading books or trying to meditate on our own when our head is back-chatting. Emily’s soft explanations dilute the clutter, nurture our thoughts thus planting seeds for a healthier mind and body. [Her meditations are]… the most productive 15 minutes of my day. I shared her page to all my close friends and still do to anyone who says they cannot stop. Crossing fingers, that they rethink.

– Maria