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community Membership

Join the 100+ mindful crusaders intent on developing more calm, presence and connection in their day by signing up to my Creating a Safe World Within Community.

Access my personal library of 400+ guided themed talks and meditations, join my monthly Masterclasses, and connect with a community of like-hearted people all dedicated to creating a safer world from within today.

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If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at

Online Meditation Studio At your fingertips


Access an ever-growing video library of 400+ meditations featuring Emily and special hand-picked teachers, which is easy to access and can be watched anywhere, anytime.

Meditations and talks are grouped for ease of access by themes. Each theme unlocks a whole playlist of livestream content for you to peruse at your leisure. So find a quiet space, get warm and comfy, pick a theme and settle into the perfect practice for you today.

Themes include:

  • Mindful Foundations
  • Self-Compassion
  • Mindful Emotions
  • Trust & Letting Go
  • Music Meditations
  • Building Resilience
  • Loving Kindness
  • Feel Good Practices
  • Peace & Hope
  • Self-Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Managing thoughts
  • Sleep
What you will access

Five live 1.5 hour virtual Masterclasses per year, exploring the basic building blocks of mindfulness and the psychology of happiness. Ask Emily anything. $300 / year for the general public, free for members. 

HeartFul Catchup

Six, one hour, members only evening workshops per year (every second month) for the community to come together and connect to presence and each other.

clear mind library

Access an ever-growing video library of 400+ meditations featuring Emily and special hand-picked teachers, which is easy to access and can be watched anywhere, anytime.  

Learn to meditate

New to meditation or would like to deepen your practice? When you become a member you automatically gain access to my five week learn to meditate course.

You will access this, as well as receive an invite to my private Creating A Safe World Within Facebook group where the day-to-day fun and connection happens for just $39.99 – billed monthly, cancel anytime.

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If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at

I have worked as a Clinical Psychologist in both hospitals and private practice and run mindfulness and wellbeing courses for the general public for the past decade.

I have given hundreds of talks and workshops on everything from mindfulness, meditation, values, character strengths, growth mindset, leadership, stress, performance, self-compassion, positive emotion and post-traumatic growth, to overcoming climate grief and eco-anxiety. 

I have guided meditations to live and online audiences consisting of anywhere from one person to thousands, and I still love the feeling of dropping into stillness together and marvelling at this incredible mind, body and world we reside in.  


Sometimes it takes adversity for community to flourish, and I have seen this through our daily Medibank Live Better at Home Meditation Series during Covid lockdown. Here, I was lucky enough to witness a bunch of online strangers find much solace over time in meditation and in each-other.

Our Creating a Safe World community feels like a supportive family, and there is no more powerful agent for change than surrounding yourself with supportive and kind people daily.

Since I started doing meditation through this group I have noticed myself becoming a lot calmer and caring not only towards other people but to myself. This community is one of the most caring, considerate group of people I can honestly say that I have come across. Everyone is so natural and well meaning but we all have a sense of humour.  Valerie

Since joining this wonderful group, I feel much happier in my own skin. I’ve learnt skills that help me navigate life better & even during 2020, I could see it was the sunshine making the shadows. Emily’s guided practices are authentic. Her background in psychology means she can provide members with another level of information, which I really enjoy.  Roxanne

I believe Emily was our saving grace to support us all to get through 2020 and now it has so grown on us in this wonderful community that we simply don’t want to ever let it go. I have busy mornings and most often come to Emily later in the day but I totally love that we can access any session anytime and the wonderful treasure trove we are privileged to dip onto.  Mandy

You can access the community for $39.99 AUD per month, cancel anytime. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at

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Kind words

Gentleness; generosity of spirit; insight; intuition; qualifications.

– Brad

We are living in a world full of everything contrary to what yoga and meditation teach. It is not easy to do it from reading books or trying to meditate on our own when our head is back-chatting. Emily’s soft explanations dilute the clutter, nurture our thoughts thus planting seeds for a healthier mind and body. [Her meditations are]… the most productive 15 minutes of my day. I shared her page to all my close friends and still do to anyone who says they cannot stop. Crossing fingers, that they rethink.

– Maria

Emily Toner is hands down the best facilitator I have seen in the well-being industry in Australia. Her warmth, authenticity, quick wit and humour is second to none. Emily’s mindfulness and well-being workshops are fascinating and well researched, and she has a real skill at engaging the room and getting people talking and laughing. I cannot recommend Emily more highly.

– Andrea


I was already into mindfulness but Emily’s guided meditation opened myself up to a deeper realisation of what meditation and mindfulness are really about. It helped me to acknowledge my surrounds, my feelings and every thought that comes into my mind. It is not about fighting them but rather letting them be… letting go of the tensions in my body, the fear, the worries, the cluttered mind, and being king to myself, being intune with myself, my environment and the world. Highly recommend.

– Grace