Emily Toner

When I was younger I wanted to be someone who was powerful – who spoke and everyone listened, who could make someone feel like they were the most important person in the room, who sparkled and brightened every space they entered, in short, who created a positive impact in the world simply through being themselves.

I wanted this because I didn’t feel big or powerful. I felt overwhelmed and sad when I thought about the world and all its destruction and greed and misdirected energy, and I didn’t feel like my voice could change anything. Some days I still feel like this, but mostly it’s a different story.

Through my studies in the field of positive psychology – the science of living your best possible life – and a committed daily practice of mindfulness and meditation, I have come to know myself better. Slowly over time I have connected to a core that is joyous, centered and creative. I have also become solid in the knowing that I was wrong… I have far more power to enact change in the world than I think.

We all share the same qualities, you and I. They might feel buried or a little lost, but there is no denying we are made of the same stuff… we humans are far more powerful than we think.

When I started to do the work to uncover myself, I began to learn techniques to diffuse from my mind and give it less power over me. I began to practice tuning into my body, my heart and my gut, and learn the importance of allowing myself to feel and acknowledge my emotions – to identify what they were trying to tell me and to learn and grow from them all – the uncomfortable and the lovely ones in equal measure. I began to feel more emotionally agile and better able to process the everyday happenings of my life. I began to feel more centered, more clear in my mind and more full in my heart. Best of all, I began to feel powerful. I began to believe in my ability to change the world, simply through being myself.

I am committed to sharing these learnings with you, and to learning and growing with you. Here we are building a community of powerful, present and compassionate legends who are united by the noble pursuit of uncovering themselves – effortlessly creating a better world in the process.

I look forward to connecting with you,


Emily x

Emily Toner is clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher and speaker based in Byron Bay, Australia. She has a research background in behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology from The University of Melbourne.

She is passionate about helping people transition through fear and overwhelm into states of motivated action for the earth. She shares her learnings from the field of mindfulness and wellbeing science to help people gain awareness into themselves and their potential, and lives her creative potential through guiding meditation and performing, writing and producing music.

She is the founder of Wye in the Sky Records, an independent, for-purpose record label that promotes a healthy lifestyle for a healthy planet and co-founder of The Tambah Project, a music platform that rewilds the earth.


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