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Creating A Safe World


Seven day meditation course for creating a safer world, starting from within.

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Creating a Safe World Within: Overview

Drawing on the psychology of human behaviour, behavioural neuroscience, and the philosophy and practice of mindfulness and self-compassion, this 7 day meditation course will focus your attention towards creating more inner awareness, stability, and safety. It is designed to remind you of your immense power, to help you understand the inextricable link between your inner and outer world, and to help us all co-write a better next chapter for humanity. Together, let’s create a safe world, starting from within.

Planetary hope:

Find your

 Voice and Power

Ten day meditation course for processing ecological grief and taking simple, everyday action for the earth.

*50% of all proceeds from this course will go to Wild Ark to help protect our wild places

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Planetary Hope: Overview

This 10 day meditation audio course has been designed to help provide a space for you to process the myriad of emotions that arise in response to the environmental challenges currently facing our global community. Combining research from neuroscience, the science of wellbeing and the psychology of emotion and behaviour, each day leads into a specific guided mindfulness practice designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to tend to your own wellbeing, while also creating space for you to act for the earth in meaningful, simple, everyday ways.

Learn to


Five week meditation course designed to give you all the tools to enjoy your own daily meditation practice.

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Learn to Meditate: Overview

Chances are you know ‘how to meditate’ – focus on your senses like your breath or sounds, notice when your mind wanders, bring it back … repeat x 100… you get it! This course isn’t that.  This five week journey is designed to guide you through the deeper underlying attitudes or mindful mindsets required to begin to actually enjoy your own practice and develop a happier relationship with yourself. A new mindful attitude is unlocked each week, explained through science-based theory and Emily’s personal real life examples. You will be invited to explore your own understanding through practical exercises, guided meditation, and fun quizzes to reinforce key learnings. Watch the 2 minute introduction video (taken from week 1) to find out more.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]