Course 3 – Learn to Meditate


This 5 week video course is designed to give you all the tools to enjoy your own daily meditation practice. Chances are you know how you are meant to meditate – focus on your senses like your breath or sounds, notice when your mind wanders, bring it back … repeat x 100… you get it! This course isn’t about that. Instead this five week journey is designed to guide you through the deeper underlying attitudes or mindful mindsets required to actually begin to enjoy your own practice and go deeper. A new new attitude is unlocked each week, explained through science-based theory and Emily’s personal real life examples. You will be invited to explore your own understanding of the attitude through personal exercises and a guided meditation on the attitude for the week. Each week you are also invited to test your knowledge with a fun quiz to reinforce key learnings. Watch this 2 minute sneak peak below to find out more.

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