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    Lauren HarrisonLauren Harrison

    Hi everyone I’m Lauren from sunny Sunbury in Melbourne. I’m a wife and mother to a 3yo boy and 1yo girl who keep me very busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Working part time from home also. I have two cats and I enjoy dinners, exercise and fitness, yoga, music, footy and tennis. I love Emily’s practices and it puts me in a great mood for the day and I to do them whenever possible.

    AvatarSue Box

    Hi everyone. I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, having grown up bayside. I have come to love to meditate regularly since Emily’s posts first dropped into my fb page way back in March and I have found following these meditations routinely has been very helpful in coping with lockdown. I love cats (sorry Emily!) but all animals really. I enjoy exercising, tennis, walking, music, reading, crosswords, painting and church activities. Fun fact – I have a twin sister but we are not at all alike.

    AvatarJo Cleveland

    Hi all, I live in Bellerive pretty much next to the Derwent River in Hobart. I have a wonderful companion, Bertie who is a rather tall and long Groodle and we walk along the beach early every morning. I’ve just turned 60 and have had varied careers, the favourites being childcare, plant nursery, and currently bookshop. I have had my own business as a remedial masseuse (for women only). Grandma of 4, allergic to cats also, and passionate and curious about almost everything. I have a very busy mind and really enjoy the morning meditations as it helps to keep balance in my life.


    Gidday, I am ShazaM! I am very shy because I always suspect that I am not as “bright” as the person with whom I’m chatting, but I’m happy either way, to be honest! When I do talk, I talk excessivelyyyy, though have little of actual value to SAY … again not miserable about it 😉
    I am the baby of five, 1 brother with family in Qld, 2 live in Sydney – where we all grew up – & my only sister & her family live in beautiful Melbourne. These gorgeous & clever individuals are possibly one reason behind my cheerful shyness 😁🥰
    Three little cockatiels live with hubby & I, they are the Centre/s of our world of love. They are ~20 years old, so I do suffer apprehension when I consider their age. {People probably believe that these birds are the babies we never had, but they are simply our delights, tis all!}
    I discovered o’s travel fairly late in life (@40) & then only due to the fact that hubby has family in Chile & in Transylvania. Beautiful people & breathtakingly lovely countries, we look forward to further visits & explorations.
    Before the o’s trips, Tassie was the furthest I had been, I adored three visits there, now other half says “we can’t really afford Tas, if we want to see more of Chile & Europe”, so, mixed feelings there, obviously.
    I am blind in one eye (since 23) due to diabetic retinopathy, so focus with a degree of sheer desperation on the beautiful things in life, in case remaining vision slides away (‘touch wood’ that won’t happen, ya just never know, eh).
    I have done that excessive prattling I confessed to when I began this self intro, please forgive me if you had the botheration to read it all, but you were warned! 😂🤣🤓
    Am ever so Grateful that I stumbled into Emily’s Compassionate world with lots of kind & cheery folk, chao f’nao!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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