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    Emily TonerEmily Toner

    Leave a note introducing yourself – you might like to add things like where you are meditating from, what you hope gain from this community, and a fun fact about you!

    I’ll start.

    Originally from Melbourne, I moved to the Byron Bay hinterland two years ago and now have chickens and cows for neighbours. You will probably hear a lot of birds chirping away in the background of our practices – including Gerard the crow!

    I am hoping to share the tools I have learnt from the fields of mindfulness and wellbeing science far and wide, so we can create a safer inner world, where kindness and self-compassion are the default, not judgement and self-criticism.

    Fun fact about me – I am the youngest of three – I have two older brothers Tim and Ben, and we all work for ourselves! My dad used to joke that all his kids were ‘unemployed’ – but we know he is proud of us all being ‘self-employed’! My favourite colour is yellow and I am very allergic to cats and horses – which means I will never be able to own any! This is ok however, as I’m more of a dog person myself ; )

    Looking forward to getting to know you all,

    Emily x

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    AvatarSam Meeks

    Hi I live near Melbourne and love yoga, gardening, beaches, sunshine (I wonder why I’m in Victoria lol) my family and have completed 104 of Emily’s mindfulness meditation sessions which has helped me be kinder to myself and practice self compassion love the daily sessions

    Emily TonerEmily Toner

    Wow Sam! What incredible dedication. Welcome, thanks for being one of our very first members! xx

    Asha perssonAsha persson

    Hello everyone, I live in Manly (Sydney) and I love hiking, yoga, biking, reading, writing and laughing so much my belly hurts. I work as a researcher and I’m also very involved in activism. I’ve been doing Emily’s meditations since March. It has helped me reconnect with meditation again many years after having stopped meditating, and thinking I didn’t like it (I used to do a very different kind of meditation). Now I love it, and being part of this community is teaching me a lot about compassion and self-compassion, which is helping in so many ways in everyday life and in my relationships. And it’s making me a more effective activist too.


    Hello everyone. I live just north of Brisbane and am a retired primary school teacher. Nowadays I am mainly involved with grand-kids (alas at the moment only via zoom). I have a love of art and I also do some very basic yoga. I have realised that it is the meditative side of yoga that I really enjoy. Emily you said in your welcome that “If something keeps coming into your life and banging on your front door, then perhaps you should open it.” That’s a bit how I feel about this group. I was so happy to find it as it was exactly what I needed. It was banging on the front door! I love the way you integrate your knowledge of psychology into the practice and of course this lovely supportive group. For the first time in my life I have been able to commit to a regular practice – plus I don’t have to get out of my pyjamas!

    AvatarSue Rothwell

    Hello, Im Sue and I live in Beaumaris which is a bayside suburb of Melbourne, with hubby & son.. This is just the most wonderful group and the perfect “fit” for me. Im new to the group and I love what a happy, positive group you all are. As i work Monday to Wednesday, (in aged care), I will miss the morning meditations but will be able to connect a night, which is wonderful.
    Emily, everything you do is just what I need, want & enjoy and look forward to a long, happy time together. I agree with June, who posted above me, in her pyjamas!! – I stay in bed on Thursdays & Fridays and join in the group from there, very indulgent!! – Im pooped by then, so this is my absolute little bit of luxury. Thank you, Emily and the lovely group. Here’s to wonderful times ahead. x

    Roxanne Le BlancRoxanne Le Blanc

    Hi everyone, from Wonga Park in the rural outskirts of Melbourne.
    I’m so happy I stumbled across these daily practices, back in March. They’re just what I’ve needed during these uncertain times. Emily’s words of wisdom, really resonate with me throughout the day.
    I’m happily retired & lead a pretty active life. We have 2 adult sons who we are very proud of.
    Walking in the great outdoors and travelling are two of my passions in life and we normally spend many months of the year travelling this amazing country of ours. I also enjoy photography, and find it brings a sense of presence into my life.
    My favourite colour is aqua and I love spicy food & chocolate. I try to make a difference in this world, but unfortunately I expect people to do the same (but I’m aware of this).
    Looking forward to this journey together.

    AvatarAndrea Machin

    Hello Everyone,
    I live in Camberwell, Melbourne, though originally grew up on a wheat and sheet farm in Central Victoria. I live with my husband and my teenage daughter and son and our labrador, cat and chooks! We try not to trip over each other during lock down!
    I am a Primary school teacher navigating the remote teaching space! I sometimes manage to fit in Emily’s 8.30am meditations. I find they are a great way to start the day with a positive mindset. When I can’t watch at 8.30, I often listen later in the day. I am learning to be kinder to myself in these strange times.
    I am passionate about the environment on this beautiful planet!
    It is exciting to join Emily in this online group!

    Kathryn WongKathryn Wong

    Hi everyone I live in Melbourne, originally from Malaysia 3 decades ago so consider myself pretty much an Aussie. I live with my partner and our gorgeous furkid Labrador who is extremely pampered and means the world to us. I used to work in the banking industry but decided to “retire” a year ago anand dedicate more time to my health and wellbeing as I was very stressed out and unhappy after years in the corporate world. KI am thankful that I connected with Emily and her guided meditations via FB way back in March and have been part of this community since. Whenever I miss a morning session I make sure I do it later in the day. I’m looking forward to seeing and learning more each day via this new platform…. meditation has been key in helping me through this pandemic lockdown…thank you Emily! ♥️

    Tony BrookeTony Brooke

    Hello Emily and all
    I grew up on the northern rivers of NSW and moved to Brisbane in 1998.
    I retired in 2014 to help my wife do baby sitting for our daughter. She has 3 boys, the youngest is now 3.5yrs old. They keep us active and we look forward to the challenges they bring.
    I also had time for other things joining U3A in Brisbane and enjoyed participating in health, dietary and communication subjects. Last year i joined one of their classes titled “Mindfulness and Metta Practice for Elders”. This renewed my interest in meditation and introduced me to mindfulness.

    I have always suffered anxiety and believe I have managed it by understanding myself and trying to control my environment. It would be great if we could always do that. I have had to deal with many challenges and made some poor decisions.

    Since reading more about meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism, I have put the exercises into practice and think about life in a different way.

    I enjoy a laugh and a joke but never ask me to tell one, I can never remember them.
    I don’t like writing on cards or buying presents – I just stress about it.
    I try to meet all my neighbours and have a chat – not so easy in the city and keeping a distance is the new challenge.
    I love reading biographies and memoirs

    The pandemic has not caused me to make major life changes but my heart does go out to those whose lives have been turned upside down and are having difficulty coping.

    Sonia TrainorSonia Trainor

    Hi everyone, I live in Melbourne, of Italian descent and I live with my husband and our cat. We have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. I’ve recently retired after working for 43 years at the same law firm (call it loyalty or laziness, I’m not sure which lol). Embracing my parents’ culture, I enjoy making my own pasta, and my husband definitely enjoys eating it! I stumbled across Emily on Facebook and have done every meditation from day one. Like June, the need to commit to a regular meditation was banging on my front door (in a wind-chimey kind of way) and I’m so glad I opened it. Emily has the ability to help me connect to my heart centre. I too am sensitive, sometimes overly so, but I do believe it goes hand in hand with having care and compassion for others,

  • My mantra in life is ‘If you can be anything in life, be kind, for others may not remember what you do, but they will remember how you made them feel.’ I’m excited about this group and connecting with the other members, thank you for having me!
Tony BrookeTony Brooke

Mindfulness can be practised at any time of the day and anywhere. Stopped in traffic, waiting for an appointment or walking through the bush. However I find that having someone to guide a daily session is so much more effective.
Emily does this so well. Adding her expertise about how our mind works, sharing her experiences and adding some humour.

AvatarErnest Carter

Hi everyone. Ernest here. I have moved from Sydney to Melbourne Bayside with my wife Joan 18 months ago. A dramatic move after a lifetime in Sydney! We are giving it a go, mainly for family and friends. I have now retired after a long career in teaching. I have enjoyed long distance walking in Europe and practise yoga, swimming and walking. I have meditated on and off for years but have developed a daily practice thanks to Emily. I was devastated like many by the pandemic and found my way to her sessions with Medicare. It is now a wonderfully calming and grounding start to my day. I love tuning into the breath, the mind, the heart each morning. I also enjoy the comments and look forward to being part of this community.

Michelle NobleMichelle Noble

Hi all, I live in South East Melbourne. I’m retired and love to cook, pilates and swimming. My family love to eat what I cook. 😄

I’ve a chronic back injury and I began to meditate, to help manage pain and anxiety, in fits and spurts early this year. Finding Emilys meditations has been a blessing. I really connect with her insights into mindfulness and the commitment to meditation every weekday has been beneficial during lockdown.

I’m also quite lucky. A couple of years ago I won a trip to Iceland. So awesome.

AvatarJennifer Grinlinton

Hi everyone I’m Jenny Grinlinton and I live at Long Beach, South Coast NSW near Batemans Bay. I’m retired and living the dream at the coast. I have three children and 4 grandchildren who I love and adore. My eldest daughter lives in Melbourne with my grandson, my second daughter and son-in-law and 2 granddaughters in Collector NSW and my Son, daughter-in-law in Creswick VIC. I am a social person, usually out and about most days (pre-covid) playing bridge, golf, tai chi, line dancing or going to the movies, and I am passionate about travelling in Australia and overseas. I also enjoy kayaking, fishing and being in or near water and camping.

I love to dabble in many different forms of art and am a jacks of all trades master of none – but enjoy trying – painting, sculpting, patchwork, quilting, counted cross stitch, writing, reading, gardening have been filling the gaps now life is much smaller – I walk most days with a friend and play golf once or twice a week for exercise, garden and occasionally go fishing with another friend. My sewing machine is overworked and my garden has never looked better.

During summer I evacuated 4 times due to the fires in the region and anxiety was a fairly constant companion. Now again with the coronavirus I found myself back on a roller coaster of anxiety worrying about family and friends in VIC and aged parents in QLD – none of which helps me or them. So I put out to the universe that I wanted to find an online daily meditation and Emily appeared through Medibank Facebook page in April and I have been connecting in as much as possible since – I love these meditations they help so much. The things that I most need to hear keep popping up in the meditation practices.

Thank you Emily for building this wonderful website and providing a platform that is easy to access and allowing us to connect as a community with a library of wonderful meditations.

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