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Tony BrookeTony Brooke

Hello Emily and all
I grew up on the northern rivers of NSW and moved to Brisbane in 1998.
I retired in 2014 to help my wife do baby sitting for our daughter. She has 3 boys, the youngest is now 3.5yrs old. They keep us active and we look forward to the challenges they bring.
I also had time for other things joining U3A in Brisbane and enjoyed participating in health, dietary and communication subjects. Last year i joined one of their classes titled “Mindfulness and Metta Practice for Elders”. This renewed my interest in meditation and introduced me to mindfulness.

I have always suffered anxiety and believe I have managed it by understanding myself and trying to control my environment. It would be great if we could always do that. I have had to deal with many challenges and made some poor decisions.

Since reading more about meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism, I have put the exercises into practice and think about life in a different way.

I enjoy a laugh and a joke but never ask me to tell one, I can never remember them.
I don’t like writing on cards or buying presents – I just stress about it.
I try to meet all my neighbours and have a chat – not so easy in the city and keeping a distance is the new challenge.
I love reading biographies and memoirs

The pandemic has not caused me to make major life changes but my heart does go out to those whose lives have been turned upside down and are having difficulty coping.