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Roxanne Le BlancRoxanne Le Blanc

Hi everyone, from Wonga Park in the rural outskirts of Melbourne.
I’m so happy I stumbled across these daily practices, back in March. They’re just what I’ve needed during these uncertain times. Emily’s words of wisdom, really resonate with me throughout the day.
I’m happily retired & lead a pretty active life. We have 2 adult sons who we are very proud of.
Walking in the great outdoors and travelling are two of my passions in life and we normally spend many months of the year travelling this amazing country of ours. I also enjoy photography, and find it brings a sense of presence into my life.
My favourite colour is aqua and I love spicy food & chocolate. I try to make a difference in this world, but unfortunately I expect people to do the same (but I’m aware of this).
Looking forward to this journey together.