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Gidday, I am ShazaM! I am very shy because I always suspect that I am not as “bright” as the person with whom I’m chatting, but I’m happy either way, to be honest! When I do talk, I talk excessivelyyyy, though have little of actual value to SAY … again not miserable about it 😉
I am the baby of five, 1 brother with family in Qld, 2 live in Sydney – where we all grew up – & my only sister & her family live in beautiful Melbourne. These gorgeous & clever individuals are possibly one reason behind my cheerful shyness 😁🥰
Three little cockatiels live with hubby & I, they are the Centre/s of our world of love. They are ~20 years old, so I do suffer apprehension when I consider their age. {People probably believe that these birds are the babies we never had, but they are simply our delights, tis all!}
I discovered o’s travel fairly late in life (@40) & then only due to the fact that hubby has family in Chile & in Transylvania. Beautiful people & breathtakingly lovely countries, we look forward to further visits & explorations.
Before the o’s trips, Tassie was the furthest I had been, I adored three visits there, now other half says “we can’t really afford Tas, if we want to see more of Chile & Europe”, so, mixed feelings there, obviously.
I am blind in one eye (since 23) due to diabetic retinopathy, so focus with a degree of sheer desperation on the beautiful things in life, in case remaining vision slides away (‘touch wood’ that won’t happen, ya just never know, eh).
I have done that excessive prattling I confessed to when I began this self intro, please forgive me if you had the botheration to read it all, but you were warned! 😂🤣🤓
Am ever so Grateful that I stumbled into Emily’s Compassionate world with lots of kind & cheery folk, chao f’nao!